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One of our major strengths is building our partner branch offices to a level where they can substantially increase their market share in a particular metropolitan area.  As part of this strategy, we allow and encourage the branch manager to recruit and build Satellite Offices around a promising metro area. This is also a great opportunity to grow loan production and have more LOs in the field to acquire more referral relationships.

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Our transition team provides comprehensive training for all aspects of the branch office in becoming a direct lender. From on-boarding assistance to technology training, we support the branch manager so that profitability is maintained and disruptions eliminated to insure a seamless transition.  

Loan Processing

We are confident you will find our Lenders expertise and advice on acquiring and building Realtor relationships is one of the best.  We assist and advise our partners on solidifying these relationships with compliant Marketing Services Agreements (MSA) that are effective lead generators and profitable for both the branch and the Realtor Broker.  This can substantially increase the branch’s business as well as its margins.

Our Fundamentals

Competitive Rates and Products

Your Partnership Benefits

Our branch managers may set their own product specific margins for distribution to their Loan Officers. As a direct lender (we represent), the branch managers can increase or decrease his margins to remain competitive in his local marketplace and improve profitability. With corporate’s Fannie Mae license, FHA/VA endorsements and seasoned capital markets group, the best loan products are always available with low rates that are consistent and competitive. As for pricing adjustments, we only publish those adjustments required by the agencies. We also underwrite directly to their guidelines and have no overlays restricting qualifications and even make FHA loans to 580 FICO. The branch’s LOs will have access to all loan products and their specific rates through our technology for pricing and loan scenarios.

We represent a retail direct lender, that is our focus.  We don’t dabble in wholesale, mini correspondent or correspondent channels, we’re retail folks. We are acutely aware of the needs of our partners and the importance of servicing and maintaining Realtor and other referral relationships.  Our Lenders have a broad loan product diversification entails Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, Jumbo USDA, and even direct Reverse loan products, all of which will cover 99% of purchase transactions today.  Our sense of urgency and team spirit on every loan strengthens our process execution, from underwriting turn times, stip clearing, docprep and closing.  But our number one fundamental culture is supporting our partners and assisting them to grow their business and enhance their prosperity. We understand this basic concept to success and live by it.

We encourage branch offices to process their own loans and use the fees as a branch profit center. However, many producing branch managers do not have enough loan
production to support an in-office loan processor. We have ample loan processing capabilities to handle a branch’s processing on an overflow basis or for an entire office.  The charge for corporate loan processing is $455 or $485.

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Upon receipt of your "Application, Contract, Signed Offer Letter & New Hire Form" we submit your "Employment Request" to a well organized and detailed outline to a National top rated lender regarding the open position. We will work hard to present the best offer for you and make sure you and the employer are a good fit for long term and successful employment


If you meet the qualifications and appear to be a potential match for a position, a recruiter will email an official employment application along with instructions for its completion.



Satellite Offices

Realtor Acquisition and Relationship Building


Some positions require an assessment, either online or by phone, at this stage to measure your skills, knowledge and abilities for the position. You will then receive an email with the best available position based on your experience.